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 Traditional Art Day 2007

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PostSubject: Traditional Art Day 2007   Traditional Art Day 2007 Icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2007 1:05 am

Traditional Art Day is here, and we want everyone to be a part of it!

Note: Due to issues with our ISP and common delay on hot topics this news article actually reflects the events of yesterday. The Traditional Art contest is still going on and we ask that you take the time to continue to support and appreciate Traditional art today, though the chatroom activities may not still be running, we're still loving it Traditional style!

Because when we think about Art we think about canvas, perspective, brushes, composition, palette, volume, contrast, depth, movement... no matter what your chosen media is, the very concepts we all work with have been developed by Traditional Artists of all times. All artistic disciplines are permeated by Traditional styles and its ways of defining images, and its masterpieces are part of the treasures of mankind.

Whether you are a Photographer or a Vector artist, a Fractalist or a Poet, a Filmmaker or a 3-D artist, regardless of the media you have chosen to express yourself, i know that at least once you have encountered in deviantART a traditional artist that blew you away. Well, today it's the day to let them know!

For Traditional Artists, this is the time to feel proud and celebrate the creative spirit within you, to strengthen your community, to give and receive encouragement and recognition.

The Traditional Gallery Directors and `sbaraci, together with a huge list of volunteers, have prepared a whole day packed with activities, giveaways, articles and features... and the launching of an all-Traditional contest with great prizes.

`sbaraci, the brains and heart behind this initiative, said:
"Everything starts with an idea, a sketch in the mind's eye, and then it takes a bit of push to get that idea out. We want to bring the spotlight to the Traditional Art community. We have organized a celebration of the physical manipulation of the physical medium Traditional Art Day and Contest. For one day we want to celebrate Traditional Art and Artists on Deviant Art. We want to invite the deviantART community to help us explore and celebrate the diversity of Traditional Art, all amazing drawings, paintings, ceramics, collages, sculptures, mixed media...".

Here's what YOU can do!

Create a journal featuring your favorite traditional artist!
Explain in a few sentences what you like best about this artist and how their work makes you feel.
Take the time to select 3 of their traditional artworks and do a small writeup on those (going beyond "wow", "cute" and "beautiful"... This is the time to show you really care!).
When you have finished this journal, please contact `sbaraci with the link to the journal and artist name you have selected so she can add them to Master "Traditional Art Day" journal index. We would also prefer if you would pick some of the lesser known artists, and not tell them that you have featured them, we would like to keep it as a surprise to make their day more special!

As you browse through dA today, go to at least 5 Traditional Artists, give them a hug and tell them you appreciate their work, spread the love!

Submit at least one piece of Traditional Art to Traditional Art Gallery. Yes, YOU! You don't have to be traditional artist to do this, the whole point is to have fun and do something wonderful for the fun of it. Go get messy, pick up your brushes, pencils, clay, go create!

Take the time to give at least one constructive criticism to a Traditional artwork, make sure you do bring up good points, as well as points one can improve on.

Report at least 5 miscats in Traditional Galleries

Participate in Critique Day on #traditional! Our volunteers will be manning the fort and providing honest opinions on traditional artwork. Bring in your work, kick back, share love, enthusiasm and good advice... there'll be subscription giveaways through the day!

Post the Traditional Art Day stamps in your journal

or Traditional Art stamp

Favorite a few Traditional Art pieces! Explore the Gallery or go visit Master Activity Index on `sbaraci page, containing up to date list of all journal artist features and news articles for the day. Browse and discover new Traditionals!


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Traditional Art Day 2007
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