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 Schedule of Activities

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PostSubject: Schedule of Activities   Schedule of Activities Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 10:10 am

1st week

*Monday (1st day)
-Fellowship together with the applicants and members.
(preparation for the next day's activity)
-Name tage/pin

*Thursday (2nd day)

-proper activity for talents
>individuals specialty of their talents

*Saturday (3rd day)

-Group Talents
>how they jive with other applicants

2nd week
*Monday (4th day)

-Evaluation for their last week's activities
-Introduction for the next day's activity

*Thursday (5th day)

-Leadership Seminar Application

*Saturday (6th day)

>straw building

3rd week

*Monday (7th day)

-Interview (Hershey, Clarts, Zhor, Jonaina)
>Talent and Skills
>Commitment (A and B)
-Group Interview (by 4)

*Thursday (8th day)


*Saturday (9th day)

>60% for applicants
>40% for vinzis

4th week

*Monday (10th day)

-Interview (at the Division of Student Affairs with Sir Rabuyo)

*Wednesday (11th day)

-Continuation of the interview with Sir Rabuyo

*Saturday (12th day)

-Introduction for phase II

5th week

*Monday (13th day)

-Preparation for the next day activity

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Schedule of Activities
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